ALTRAN – 최적화를 통하여 성능은 올리고, 무게는 줄였습니다!!!

Improved Mechanical Performance and Reduced Weight!

ALTRAN은 친환경 소재를 사용한 그린 제품을 만들고자 하는 Ecoshell 프로젝트의 주요 참여회사로서, 친환경 Bio-Composite를 사용한 CITI-zen 이라는 초경량 도시형 전기자동차를 만들고 있습니다. 친환경 소재의 사용을 통한 그린 자동차를 만드는 것과 초경량 차체 구현을 통한 에너지 절약이라는 두개의 목표를 달성하기 위하여 HyperMesh를 사용하여 해석모델을 구성하고, MotionViewOptiStruct를 통하여 동적하중을 사용한 각종 경량화를 수행하였으며, RADIOSS를 사용한 충돌해석을 하였고, 결론적으로 100kg의 BIW를 제작하는 성과를 달성하였습니다.


Within the Ecoshell project, Altran, a leading provider of engineering services, is working on a new eco-friendly, lightweight, electrical urban car concept named “CITI-zen Concept”. The main objectives of the Ecoshell project have been the use of bio-materials, an optimized mechanical performance, a reduced weight and low costs regarding material and production of the concept car. The project Ecoshell started January 2011 with an intended project time of three years. Within the project Altran had to demonstrate the feasibility of the BIW (body in white) made of bio-composite material and its good behavior for torsion and bending as well as in a front crash. To cover the required development tasks Altran used HyperWorks tools such as MotionView, OptiStruct, HyperMesh, HyperView and RADIOSS within the development process of the concept car.

Business Profile

As global leader in innovation and high-tech engineering consulting, Altran accompanies its clients in the creation and development of their new products and services. Altran has been providing services for around thirty years to key players in the Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Railway, Finance, Healthcare and Telecoms sectors. Covering every stage of project development from strategic planning through to manufacturing, Altran’s offers capitalize on the Group’s technological know-how in four key areas: Product Lifecycle Management, Mechanical Engineering, Embedded and Critical Systems, and Information Systems. Altran operates in over twenty countries throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas. For more information about Altran, please visit:


The Ecoshell project includes a number of development challenges comprising the use of biomaterials for the car’s structure in general, ambitioned weight targets, the reduction of the number of parts used for the car for an easier assembly in the production, an ideal geometry and architecture of the car body, and an ideal shape of the components. To reach these goals while also meeting the given requirements for safety, costs, and production, Altran needed to employ sophisticated software tools for the design, the development and the evaluation of the car, its subsystems, and components.


Altran used the HyperWorks Suite with its various different applications that covers all software tools required for the different disciplines.

To reach the weight targets the BIW was optimized with OptiStruct, Altair’s leading optimization software, which helped the engineers to reduce the car design, formerly containing of 27, to now only 15 parts. Furthermore all mechanical parts have also been optimized with OptiStruct to reach a minimum weight with a subsequent strength analysis, to also guarantee the desired strength of the components. MotionView was used to determine the dynamic loads on the single components and to receive a first feedback on the dynamic behavior of the vehicle on the road. The Multibody Analysis included simulations for Torsion, acceleration, and braking.

To define the material characteristics of the car‘s components, the Altran engineers first defined an experimentation plan listing the physical test that needed to be performed. Those were test for tensile, bending, shearing, crash tubs and others. Then the engineers reproduced all these tests numerically to reach the same material behavior with the numerical and the physical sample. HyperMesh was employed for the meshing of the parts and all static analysis on the parts attached to the BIW, such as seatbelts, seats, ground lings, openings, and others.

Finally RADIOSS was used to perform the front crash analysis and HyperView was employed for the report generation. With this process the entire virtual development process of the concept car could be handled within one CAE environment. HyperWorks helped the Altran engineers to develop a car that meets all the preset goals for the project.


HyperWorks offers Altran a development environment in which all needed development disciplines can be covered within one single software environment. Thanks to OptiStruct, HyperMesh, MotionView, and RADIOSS, the company was able to reach the projects objectives.

Today the full vehicle weight without batteries is 500 kg (BIW: 100 kg) and in a next project step it is intended to reach a target of 400 kg (BIW:80 kg).

All in all the use of HyperWorks helps Altran to:

• Cover all needed development disciplines within one simulation environment and one licensing system as offered via the HyperWorks unites licensing system

• Improve mechanical performance of the vehicle

• Reach the weight targets of the new concept car

• Evaluate and determine the best bio-materials for the use in such an application

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