Flux 2018.1.1 릴리즈

이번 Flux 2018.1.1 릴리즈 버전이 출시되었습니다. 이번 핫픽스에는 Flux 버그 수정사항 및 많은 개선된 기능들을 포함하고 있습니다.

Flux 2018.1.1의 릴리즈 된 내용을 확인하시고 더욱 업그레이드 된 제품을 사용해보시길 바랍니다.

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Flux 2018.1.1

Release Notes

  • FX-11614

    In Win10 (not on Win7), if we select in supervisor options some macros to load automatically in a Flux project, when opening Flux an error message appears saying that the macro is not found.
  • FX-11564

    In the about Flux of Flux 2018.1, “Librairies tierces” it’s writen “jython 2.7.0″ instead of “jython 2.7.1″.
  • FX-11387

    Wrong ID for OS/Nastran forces exports from the IO data context
    IDs used in DLOADs definitions in the OS/Nastran force files written in the IO data context are wrong.
  • FX-11379

    On a specific 2D project, the circuit disappeared when you modify it.
  • FX-11194

    With Flux 2018.1, under WINDOWS (only), on “Magnetostatic_Sensor_tutorial_3D_Case1″ Flux project, “save” and/or “save as” impossible when user create a 2D grid.
  • FX-11168

    Under LINUX64 (only),with Flux 2018.1, test case for vibro acoustic fail during ExportHyperMeshForce / ForcesSupportNastran
  • FX-10724
    Python os.system() and subprocess do not work
    Executing the python command “os.system(_command_)” is not working. The same goes for the modeule “subprocess”. Hence, it is impossible to launch external commands (shell or bat) from within Flux.
  • FX-10580

    When you launch the solver from the gui and it fails to get a license radflex remains resident in memory
    Each time you try and fail you get another radflex that is resisdent in memory till rhe gui is closed.
    It also gives a error message even at the end of a good run.

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