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이번 Flux 2018.1.3 릴리즈 버전이 출시되었습니다. 이번 핫픽스에는 Flux 버그 수정사항 및 많은 개선된 기능들을 포함하고 있습니다.

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Flux 2018.1.3

Release Notes

  • FX-11791

    Problem of computation of Iron losses computation: difference of results with this two methods: iron losses defined in the material or in postprocessing with a Bertotti iron losses model).

    Fix done : Correction of the iron losses computation with multi region

  • FX-11772

    With Flux PEEC, after solving the attached project, the user can plot the curve and export the results of the impedance Z(Freq). Once the project is closed and opened again the results are lost. So the user can not plot the curves again, and the only solution is to solve again the project.

    Fix done: In FluxPEEC, Impedance evolutive results were deleted while re-opening a solved project.

  • FX-11736

    Incoherent mechanical sets after 3 times the same command in Session MultiPhysics

    Fix done : Management of initialization & finalization of steps in MP sessions

  • FX-11613

    On this specific project, the co-simulation between Flux and Activate does not work, Flux is locked on the first time step

    Fixes done :
      Update Flux 2018.1 with Activate 2019 new capabilities Extend Command Line to 5096 length to give the possibility to open in Activate a Flux project with a name of more than 130 characters


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