PBS Analytics 12.1 릴리즈

PBS Analytics key features & benefits

PBS Analytics provides insight into how well your expensive HPC resources are used, including

    • More flexibility in creating clean, concise charts, including additional chart options (such as XYZ plots), to furnish a deeper understanding of organization’s HPC infrastructure and better root-cause analysis with New chart designer
    • Visualize multiple different charts on one display with dashboards
    • Display statistics within an operations room or headquarters reception with PBS Analytics’ slideshow capability
    • Track hardware utilization, including accounting for configuration changes over time (i.e. adding/deleting nodes; downtime)
    • Track “custom” resources (i.e. node classes, GPUs, licenses, scratch space, etc.)
    • Analyze large quantities of usage data quickly and easily with a new, high-performance database and more robust data collectors
    • Supports billing for node wall time
    • Group membership tracking: tracks membership changes over time (add / delete / move users)
    • Analyze job / workload historical usage data
    • Track by job, software, hardware, user, project, node class, etc.
    • View totals, counts, times, averages, etc.
    • Consolidate data by top (or bottom) usage, e.g., “Top 10”
    • Filter by user, group, project, queue, host, etc.
    • Canned charts out-of-the-box, and customize your own
    • Aggregate data from multiple PBS Professional servers
    • Numerous chart types, including pie, line, bar, 3D, radar, scatter, etc.
    • Customize, save, and share charts or entire dashboards
    • Drill-down to underlying data and export to Excel

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