VWT12.1 / SimLab12.2 릴리즈

VWT12.1 is a bug fix update that address following issues

The option to specify a user defined run path for the CFD analysis is not exposed.
Conflicts in the preferences when VWT 12.0 is installed with other Altair applications.
Measuring box not going away in the the measure mode after click new (new model), load a new model and select a part.
Minor issues related to wheel and heat-exchanger identification, to refinement zones and to undo/redo operations.

SimLab 12.2 contains many enhancements in OptiStuct interface. The highlights are following

Contact creation for OptiStruct is enhanced with additional contact options and parameters like Tie, Adjust, Clearance(PCONT) etc.. Template based contact creation is supported for OptiStruct contacts definitions.
Gasket property export enhanced to support Initial void, Leakage pressure and Membrane and transverse shear stabilization parameters
1D pretension definition and Steady State Heater Transfer Analysis parameters are supported.
NLPARAM, SOLVTYP , CNTNLSUB, EXPERTNL and Contact Friendly Elements activation parameters(CONTFEL ) are supported.

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