PBS Professional v12.2 (12.2.0) 릴리즈

PBS Professional v12.2는 주로 버그 수정 릴리스(150 버그가 수정)이지만, 몇 가지 아주 좋은 고객 관련 새로운 기능을 포함하고 있습니다.


  • Port “qsub –I” (interactive jobs) to Windows
  • Have suspend/resume on Windows really suspend a job (previously PBS just lowered the priority of the jobs)
  • Make run count writable (for blackhole hook scripting)
  • Allow a runjob hook to modify job attributes and resources
  • Add a pbs_stat command to the unsupported directory in Linux packages for customers to try
  • Allows output in JASON
  • Will show scheduling formula values
  • Scalability update for the example hook Cray systems can use to periodically re-query the inventory
  • Significant improvements in performance, stability, robustness, security and reliability
  • Note that the security 13-01 fix is in the C code so you don’t need the hook patch and last but certainly not least
  • Add command line history/editing to qmgr
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